About Us

Dejesca Diaries is owned by Sealy Gill International Ltd who are devoted to empowering children aged 4-7 with money management skills. We believe financial wisdom is required to flourish within an ever-developing cashless society. As we grasp the imminent influence of digital transactions in society, we shoulder the responsibility of equipping children with the aptitude and insight to navigate this realm with assurance. Through meticulously curated interactive resources, we endeavour to install financial literacy from an early age. This learning fosters the art of decision-making skills, responsible money management and stimulates critical thinking. This, in turn, sets forth children on a trajectory that leads to enduring financial victories.

Our Story

In 2011, Denys Williams laid the foundation for a visionary idea: 'Nurturing Financial Wisdom' for children. With over two decades of experience in the financial industry, Denys had witnessed a striking truth unfold. Early financial experiences, she realised, held a profound sway over individuals' futures. This realisation underscored the critical importance of understanding money during one's formative years. Denys acknowledged the far-reaching impact of misconceptions formed in childhood, echoing through adulthood to influence decisions, actions, and even in-actions. The covert financial blueprint possessed the potential to either uplift aspirations or shatter them. Galvanised by this epiphany, Denys embarked on a mission to bridge the chasm between viewing money as a mere "math's" subject and comprehending it as a fundamental exchange mechanism. The culmination of this unwavering dedication and keen insight took shape in the embodiment of 'My Pocket Money Diary.' This ingenious concept was conceived as a tool to empower children, arming them with the knowledge and skills required to confidently navigate the intricate realm of finance.

In the landscape of financial education, 'My Pocket Money Diary' emerged as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a more promising financial future. Far beyond a simple numerical record, this engaging diary transformed into a wise guide, offering a road-map through the maze of financial decision-making, ending in smart money choices. Supported by parental guidance, interactive exercises, and tangible examples, children embark on a transformative expedition of self-discovery and financial literacy.

Our Mission

At Dejesca Diaries, our core mission revolves around crafting inventive and captivating educational tools designed specifically for children aged 4 to 7 years. Our goal is to nurture their grasp of financial concepts through a playful and relatable approach, encompassing the realms of saving, spending, sharing, and making informed decisions. By establishing a positive relationship with money right from the early years, we aim to equip children with the skills to emerge as financially responsible and self-reliant individuals. Our commitment extends beyond the mere imparting of essential financial knowledge. We actively engage in endeavors that facilitate learning through joyful experiences, fostering the exploration of senses, nurturing creativity and imagination, all while honing pivotal developmental proficiencies .

As we embark on this voyage, our resolve remains resolute in leaving an enduring imprint on the lives of both children and their families. We envisage a future where young minds stand poised to navigate the challenges and possibilities of a cashless society with confidence and competence. Dejesca Diaries endeavors to serve as the guiding beacon, illuminating the path towards financial empowerment for the trailblazers of tomorrow.

Join our Community

Dejesca Diaries is building a vibrant community, composed of parents, grandparents, guardians, and educators. In unity, we are molding a generation that not only welcomes the digital financial terrain but prospers within it. Armed with the requisite wisdom and skills, this generation is poised to make astute financial choices and transform their aspirations into reality.

We extend a warm invitation for you to embark on this journey with us. You can become an integral part by subscribing to our newsletter, connecting with us on social media, and immersing yourself in enriching dialogues. Together, let's shape the future of financial literacy and empowerment.